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食飲愛好者,放洋英國,食貫中西,從大學開始產生對美食的熱情,閒時喜愛穿梭大街小巷選購食材,並在窩居內親自下廚,煮飪手法簡潔俐落,絕無浪費。他的美食之旅,多彩又多姿。GWZ Fastidious and meticulous aiming for"Perfection at your palate"Passionately homemade in Hongkong.

GWZFOOD︰薑蔥魚卜 補充膠原蛋白之選

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Fresh fish maw is a very economical yet healthy ingredient, high in collagen. In fact many fish stalls rather keep them to themselves than sell them out. One problem with it however is the strong fishy flavour which many people are afraid of. It requires some skill in the cooking process in order to eliminate this taste/smell, and the best ingredients to use is ginger and spring onion. In fact cooking fresh fish maw using this method is a very classic Chinese dish! 🇨🇳






  • Rinse the fresh fish maw under tap water and let it dry. Cut up plenty of slices of ginger and spring onions into around 3cm long, and separate the white and green parts.



  • In a wok or frying pan add oil, when hot add in the ginger slices. Fry until the aroma comes out and it begins to go transparent.



  • Now add in the white part of spring onions and fish maw and fry together. During this process you have to poke the fish maws so they burst. Add a dash of shaoxing wine.



  • Now also put in the beancurd puffs then add black and white peppercorns (slightly bashed), dark and light soy sauce, sugar and some chicken stock.



  • After some quick frying, the greens 🥬 of the spring onions can be added along with parsley. Put the lid on for 5 minutes so all the flavouring and aroma gets absorbed into the beancurd puffs and fish maw.



  • If you have a clay pot you can then transfer all the ingredients there and let it boil for another minute or so until the sauce reduces. Once it does and the colour looks right it should be served smoking hot! 🍲


PS: Be careful with your timing as the fish maw could be over cooked and will become chewy.

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GWZ Fastidious and meticulous aiming for “Perfection at your palate”. Passionately homemade in Hong Kong.

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