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食飲愛好者,放洋英國,食貫中西,從大學開始產生對美食的熱情,閒時喜愛穿梭大街小巷選購食材,並在窩居內親自下廚,煮飪手法簡潔俐落,絕無浪費。他的美食之旅,多彩又多姿。GWZ Fastidious and meticulous aiming for"Perfection at your palate"Passionately homemade in Hongkong.

GWZFOOD︰和風Shimeji炒蜆 10分鐘即食

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A very simple dish that can be easily cooked by anyone. Despite this, here we are using very fresh ingredients - live clams and the easily obtainable Japanese Shimeji Mushrooms! Fresh clams with delicious shimeji mushrooms 🍄 and a aromatic butter garlic sauce will guarantee you this is a mouth-watering 10 minute dish! 😊😊

日式料理領域,有著「食欲の秋」講法,皆因秋天是容易引起食慾的季節。除了不少人都知的「松茸(Matsutake / まつたけ)」,Shimeji(しめじ。日語漢字︰占地,原意為野生狀態下,會一列佔據地面)亦是日式料理秋季食譜裡面不可或缺的一員。近年台灣稱呼Shimeji為「鴻禧菇」,但無論哪一個稱呼也好,仍無損「香り松茸、味しめじ(松茸香味稱王,鴻禧菇味道稱后)」這個美譽。

回到正題,今次就以和風手法,炮製Shimeji炒蜆(蜆的日語是アサリ;讀音 Asari),調味料是一支現成買入的蒜蓉牛油醬。不過今次重點除了和風,更是「10分鐘搞掂、即食」!


This dish is so simple that even the ingredients are simple. All that’s really required is a bottle of butter garlic sauce, fresh clams and a packet of shimeji mushrooms. Rinse the clams under water and let it dry off on a sieve.

Shimeji mushrooms usually comes in a pack and the bottom earthy part will have to be cut off, then rinse under tap water.

On a clean frying pan 🍳 place the mushrooms on and out on stove to allow the mushrooms slightly dry up and set aside.

Heat up a wok, add oil and fry the clams. Add in mushrooms and adequate amount of butter garlic sauce, stir fry for another minute or so and it’s DONE! - simple...🥂

PS: If you cannot get hold of this bottled sauce, simple make your own by using butter, garlic and salt the flavour should taste pretty much the same.

PPS: Heating the mushrooms in a clean pan is recommended because mushrooms generally store a lot of water and can make your dish very soggy otherwise.

PPPS: Be flexible and add black pepper, spices and herbs 🌿 if you prefer more aroma.

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GWZ Fastidious and meticulous aiming for “Perfection at your palate”. Passionately homemade in Hong Kong.

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