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食飲愛好者,放洋英國,食貫中西,從大學開始產生對美食的熱情,閒時喜愛穿梭大街小巷選購食材,並在窩居內親自下廚,煮飪手法簡潔俐落,絕無浪費。他的美食之旅,多彩又多姿。GWZ Fastidious and meticulous aiming for"Perfection at your palate"Passionately homemade in Hongkong.

GWZFOOD︰瑪卡沙薑雞 滋補不忘好味道

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“You are what you eat”. A phrase often used by many people these days, so why not try blending the famously healthy Maca from Peru 🇵🇪 into this delicious chicken dish! 


Method: Rub the chicken thoroughly inside out with salt and shaoxing wine and put ginger and spring onion in its cavity. 

Then, marinate with spicy ginger marinade and sand ginger powder. Ingredients for the stuffing: Maca should be soaked in water for 1 week in advance so it becomes soft. 

Dried shiitake mushrooms should be soaked until soft and cut into slices. Chestnuts must be boiled in water for 20 minutes and remove its shell.

Shanghainese ham just merely sliced and simply rinse the red dates and wolfberries. Mix all this stuffing together and stuff it inside the chicken cavity. Seal the chicken using toothpicks or a bamboo stick.

Dried lotus leaf will have to be rinsed under the tap and soaked in warm water until it becomes soft. Wrap the entire chicken using the lotus leaf 🍃and steam for 30 minutes then switch off fire 🔥 and keep the cover shut for another 10 minutes.

Take out the chicken, open up the lotus leaf, and remove everything from the chicken cavity. There should be a lot of juice from the chicken left on the lotus leaf, this essence should be kept. Whilst the chicken is still hot tear the meats out. It should be tender and juicy. 

Mix together with the stuffing and the chicken essence and serve on the lotus leaf whilst it’s still hot! This is definitely one of the most aromatic and succulent chicken dishes!!! 🐓🐓🐓

•PS If you like to add chicken gizzards, livers and hearts, wrap them inside the lotus leaf along with the chicken. They can then but sliced and mixed to the chicken dish together

•PPS GWZ would actually recommend tearing the chicken with your hands if you’re enjoying this with your loved ones to keep the freshness and moisture

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GWZ Fastidious and meticulous aiming for “Perfection at your palate”. Passionately homemade in Hong Kong.

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