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The 40th post on GWZ food and to make this memorable, a special tribute must be paid to #friedchicken Considered King of all foods by me, any fried chicken in general, but especially KFC has always been my all time favourite since the age of 3. This GWZ Special Fried Chicken actually imitated the recipe on #tastemade but with my own alterations as always. You may use frozen chicken or fresh chickens but most importantly depending on the size and parts the frying and cooking time varies. White meat always requires shorter cooking time! For the batter use the spices you like, but I’d always add some Chinese 5 spice powder for the aroma and punch, and if you like it spicier add more pepper and chilli powder or flakes. As I always say, tailor all foods to your own preferences and be flexible. The simple steps for this KFC texture fried chicken is simply to broil in milk coat with egg, coat with mixed herbs #batter then #deepfry then take out all the chicken pieces and deep fry them all again for around 15 seconds. Take them all out and serve. Who doesn’t love fried chicken?