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It’s been a while since GWZ has posted something meaty so let’s give these deep fried pork chops topped with Japanese curry sauce a try. A fusion, Chinese x Japanese crossover.

Method: Start off with marinating your pork chops with simple things such as soy sauce, fish sauce, wine, sugar and black pepper. (This step isn’t a must but definitely adds more flavour to your pork chops). The marination can last from an hour to several, but make sure to leave them in the fridge. When ready to cook, dip the pork chops in egg wash, then in a batter mixed with flour, mixed spices, black and white pepper, salt and other aromatic powders you may like such as onion powder, chilli powder, five spice powder or dried ginger powder. When the pork chop is fully coated, deep fry it for a few minutes. Make sure the heat isn’t too high after the pork goes in, in case it gets burnt. Remember you want your pork looking golden and not too brown. Take it out and leave on the side using a paper towel to absorb some of the oil. Meanwhile heat up your Japanese curry. These can be bought in packets or cubes which you merely add water to, and easily found at most supermarkets in HK or Japanese stores, both types work fine. When the pork chops slightly cool down, cut them in half, plate them nicely pour the Japanese curry sauce on and....Serve!!!! 

•PS If your pork chop slices are small you do not have to cut them in half, that way the juiciness in the meat is even more well kept

•PPS Would recommend not to use cuts with bones for this particular dish. The pork used here specifically is the ham part, middle fillet. In Chinese called #水展 which can be easily bought at the wet market butchers. This part is tender and would not dry up after being fried.