GWZFOOD:慢煮住家Fusion燒乳鴿 傳遞冬日暖意

GWZFOOD:慢煮住家Fusion燒乳鴿  傳遞冬日暖意

明天就是聖誕節,大家準備為親朋好友炮製什麼菜式呢?不如參照我的冬日菜式,為席上的賓客煮一味「慢煮住家Fusion燒乳鴿 」,傳遞節日暖意。

說起燒乳鴿,中式和西式的煮法各有不同。中國人會將乳鴿用來煮湯,認為是有補身的功效。另外,亦會有最常見的燒乳鴿,但現在有很多餐廳只會將乳鴿油炸,令肉質變乾。而西式的煮法就會單獨把乳鴿的胸肉,煮至半熟(Medium Rare)。


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2 pigeons,

honey/meltose, vinegar, Shaoxin wine, dark & light soy sauce,

cinnamon, tangerine skin, star anise, bay leaf, garlic, shallot, ginger, parsley, oil, five spice salt (淮鹽)

Preparation of brine sauce:

Fry ginger, shallots, garlic until aromatic


then add in parsley, cinnamon, soaked tangerine skin, star anise, and bay leaf.



Add water, chicken stock, dark and light soy sauce, and rock sugar.


Bring to boil, and simmer for at least 30 minutes using medium small fire then let the brine cool.



Blanch pigeons in boiling water, take out, cool pigeons using tap water and pat dry

In a ziplock bag place pigeons in with cooled brine sauce, making sure pigeons are completely submerged in the brine

Cook in water at 72 degrees C for 1.5 hours. Then take out and let the pigeons cool

Make the crispy sauce using meltose/honey mixed with vinegar, dark sauce and Shaoxin wine.

Brush the crispy sauce on the pigeons and let them hang for several hours

Heat a generous amount of oil, placing the pigeons on a sieve, pour hot oil on the pigeons


Repeat this step numerous times until skin crisps and turns golden



with five spice salt!


  • PS Brine can be kept in freezer for future use again.
  • PPS Pigeon feet can be added to brine during preparation process to give it more flavour
  • PPPS This dish is quite time consuming, so manage the brine preparation timing and take into account the hanging and cooling times required for the pigeons

整理:J Lee


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